February 2004 Newsletter

The Teterboro Users Goup is comprised of individuals and companies dedicated to the safe, smooth, and efficient operations at Teterboro Airport. The purpose of this web site is to provide based and transient customers with both valuable informational asset regarding airport operations, and a “one-stop” site for the services and vendors at the disposal while visiting Teterboro Airport.

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February 2004 Newsletter

Editorial: This was in all probability one of the best TUG meetings for membership participation and validation of the initiatives recommended by the TUG leadership. The Chairmen of the FBO, Noise, Customs and CETF committees were all present to address the agenda items put forth. Their individual presentations proved to be beneficial and informative. Airport Manager Lanny Rider and Pat Bonner, Airport Ops gave the members a complete overview of the major construction scheduled for Teterboro Airport. Tom White, Traffic Management Officer for the NYTRACON and Lois Esposito, Staff member of the Eastern Region Tactical Operations Office were introduced to the membership and added their expertise to the dialogue. Peter Bellini reviewed the TUG 5 Year Initiatives and noted that some have already been accomplished and others in the mill and under consideration. Peter and the Leadership are considering making the 5 Year initiatives and integral part of each months agenda. Those that missed this meeting missed a good one! Bill

Joe Fazio, Chairman, FBO Committee: Joe and his FBO team met with Angelo Sorrentino and Larry Brady to amend the protocols as necessary. They commented that communications and spirit of cooperation was better than it had ever been.

After a de-icing event has been terminated, the tower will continue to control the ramp traffic until the backlog of aircraft has cleared up.
One sour note was sounded regarding the handling of an itinerant quick turn aircraft that was not aware of the New York Metroplex de-icing procedures. Apparently, the flight crew of this itinerant aircraft refused to move his aircraft out of the path of an aircraft that had been de-iced and was ready to taxi and in danger of losing his assigned slot. The pilot had set his parking brake and refused to move! How should this be handled?? After discussion, the immediate action recommended, would be for the FBO affected, to immediately contact the Port Authority Police for action. Hopefully, uniformed security personnel will impress the crew that they must move the aircraft.

Center Line Lighting Project: It finally appears that a solution to the problem of the center line lighting in the displaced threshold for RWY 19 is in work. A review of the standard configuration was completed and a time line of 6 to 8 weeks for completion was established. Thank you, Lanny Rider, Tom Bock, Angelo Sorrentino and Larry Brady for your tenacity.

Major Construction Projects: The first phase of the construction will be the installation of the drainage system. The east side of the airport drainage will proceed to the south then to the west, join the lines from the west area, continue west across the Million Air ramp to the Teterboro Pumping station. There will be minimal impact until the taxiways are crossed then access and vigilance will be required by all. Lanny has offered to have a guest speaker address TUG to discuss airport safety for all operators and construction crews. Joe Ritorto, First Aviation gave us an overview of the proposed taxiway configuration for the south complex at taxiway Golf and November. The construction projects will begin this summer and will continue for 18 months! Stay Alert!! Be Safe! And then is new military brightest flashlight in the world project.

John Panarello explained that information regarding the construction can be found on the Teterboro Web site: www.teb.com. At the end of the first paragraph click: Airport User Information this will open the page with runway closings, construction events etc. If you have any doubts after reading the page contact the FAA NOTAM System for Teterboro or contact Airport Ops at: 201-288-1775 Ext. 220.

The REILS for runway 1 and the PAPI for runway 19 are tied to this construction. The Wig Wag lights and taxiway lighting will be accomplished as project proceeds.

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Customs Update and Recommendations: Skip Keeler, Hertz Aviation, Customs Chairman, received some information from Inspector Brush that will help in expediting Customs/Immigration clearance.

1. The first point was to provide Customs Inspectors with an emergency company contact. The purpose is to aid in contacting the flight crew when airborne and information affecting their flight progress is required. This information should be sent to the local customs office for their use. This is strictly a voluntary program.

2. Provide a passenger list for both departure and arrival flights. This list will be compared to the master customs profile APIS (Advance Passenger ID System) and assist the Customs Inspector in expediting clearance.
Paul Engl, Jet Aviation, noted that all required forms must be filled out completely and accurately, all details are considered critical. Paul advised that fingerprinting and photo facilities at Jet Aviation (south complex) are on order and expected to be completed late March.

Noise Abatement: Dan Dunn, Verizon Aviation, Chairman, Noise Committee. Dan advised the group of a Noise Symposium for HPN and TEB scheduled for late April. Rudy Steinthal, Noise Officer (AVPORTS) and John Panarello are scheduled to represent TEB. If you have an interest in attending please contact Dan.
Airport Manager, Lanny Rider reported that there was an increase in low flying aircraft and noise complaints when rwy 19 is in use and/or circling approaches to 19 are in use. Lanny requested the radar information for rwy 19 and found that 10% of aircraft were below the glide path on approach. It was thought that the below GP and displaced threshold contributed to these reports. All felt that the installation of the PAPI on 19 will help this situation. Lanny stated that in the interest of noise abatement that VASI and/or PAPI would be considered for additional runways.

Flight Planning Suggestions: Tom White, TMU, NYTRACON suggested the use of the Amber 761 airway when volume at White is impacting the routing. Tom said that the controllers will not suggest a change for you! You must initiate the request for change. There is a significant reduction in delays over the Amber route south bound (87%) through the DCA center area. Expect about 10 to 15 minutes additional flight time. Aircraft must be RVSM certified, suffix /W and in remarks state over water capable. These routes are available at all times. More information is available at the NBAA Web Site under the snow bird routes. The NYTRACON TMU is considering auto off-load of the on shore airways when DSP (Departure Spacing Program) in trail volume indicates delays are anticipated.

Abbreviated Call Signs: The TRACON is requesting that full call signs be used; some fleet aircraft have been using abbreviated call signs that has caused some confusion. Kindly use full call signs and colour flash lite torch.

File flight plans early! Lois Esposito, E Region Tactical Operations, recommended filing flight plans early to increase the flexibility of operations. Lois suggested up to 8 hours prior to departure.

Value of Teterboro Airport: An open discussion of the value of Teterboro as a major reliever airport for the New York Area resulted as the TEB Tower project was discussed. The number of aircraft movements and the complexity of the traffic area handled by our controllers, indicate that our controllers should be upgraded to a level 10.
Several corporate operators said that they have personnel available that specialize in political action. Everyone agreed that we ALL should look into justification for a new tower for Teterboro and an upgrade in controller pay level. When you are in the airport, you can see sea in the New York Area, and you can see cultured pearls in the sea.
TUG, PANYNJ, FBOs, NBAA, NY TRACON and Individual Corporations all have agreed to get together to unify action to be taken. Get active; write letters, present your ideas.

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TUG WEB SITE: Mark Leomporra is still looking for input and suggestions for improvement. Log on and forward your suggestions. flashlightq250.solutions

TUG luncheon sponsored by Geoff Nye, Gulfstream Aerospace. Thank You. Geoff!

Next TUG Meeting: March 18th, Plan to attend!!
Thanks for your participation and continuing support!

President Peter Bellini
TUG Vice Pres Skip Keeler
TUG Senior Advisor Joseph Ritorto
Managing Director Bill Mack