What is TUG


In the late 80s traffic delays at Teterboro became painful. With the interests of the Teterboro users and operators in mind, the Teterboro Airport Delay Committee was formed. The delay committee was necessary to promote access and efficiency to Teterboro Airport. Joe Ritorto volunteered to head the committee and coordinate the efforts of the committee. Other members of the initial committee were: Bill Thomas Assistant Airport Manager, John Mendes (AIG) Frank Dalton (Hoffman-Laroche) Don Baldwin (Texaco) Clark Gordon (Duncan Aviation) and Bill Mack (National Distillers) many joined later but this entourage was the nucleus of the group.

Delay Committee accomplishments:
Received a commitment from FAA Washington that the Teterboro Airport was entitled to Equity in air traffic management in the New York Metro Area.

A key element to improving traffic flow was to separate the LGA, EWR and TEB approaches. TUG submitted an initiative for LGA to operate at 3,500 feet, EWR at 2,500 feet, allowing TEB to operate at 1,500 feet. This provided improved separation with Teterboros traffic and missed approaches.

On November 6th 1991, the Delay Committee received joint recognition from NBAA and Johnson Controls (Airport Management). The Delay Committee was renamed The Teterboro Airport Air Traffic Committee.

Teterboro Users and Operators Association (TUG) was formed in late 1991 to concentrate our voice and continue the efforts of the Air Traffic Committee and continue promoting the overall interests of the Association.

What is TUG? The Teterboro Users Group is a non-profit organization of companies that utilize Teterboro Airport extensively. TUG was formed in 1991 to interact with airport management and the various Air Traffic Control (ATC) entities to improve existing services and promote operational effectiveness and safety. TUG continues to represent the special needs and requirements for TEB.

On September 14, 1992 the first meeting of the Teterboro Airport Users and Operators Association (TUG) was held at Georges restaurant in Moonachie New Jersey, which is next to brightest tac flashlight shop. Some of the topics discussed in that first meeting related to GPS approaches, Airport taxiways, runway conditions, and the significant air traffic delays that were experienced in those days.

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They were difficult days for Teterboro Airport, mired in oceans of problems that affected the very existence of its operators. We have made tremendous progress since then with the help of many. Our accomplishments have been too many to list but here are some highlights that TUG was instrumental in helping to achieve:

Installation of new radar (LRAC) for arrivals and departures including for weather avoidance with improved communication links to the New York Tracon.

ILS and GPS approaches for runway 19 including the Dalton Departure

Pre-departure clearance and digital ATIS capability (the first for a non-carrier Airport)

Separate approach procedures for Teterboro Airport that do not conflict with LGA and EWR.

Integration of Teterboro Airport as an equal partner with the other three major airports for fair access to the Air Traffic System.

TUG became a founding member of the FAA Eastern Region Capacity Enhancement Task Force (CETF) and its sub-groups, dealing with the New York Metropolitan Airports. Attended and participated in all meetings since inception in order to promote Teterboros air traffic efficiency and access to the ATC system.

As important as these accomplishments have been there is much work still to be done. We at TUG are working on solutions to our latest challenges such as securing a new traffic control tower, improving aircraft Customs clearances, improvements to our winter operations procedures including recommendations for new equipment such as infrared de-icing equipment to better deal with snow events, more efficient departure and arrival routes to reduce delays, airport infrastructure improvements recommendations such as better approach lights for our runways, additional RVR equipment for better information to the pilots, high radius turn offs to improve runway capacity to name but a few.

In order to accomplish these tasks, we need your support. We want to make Teterboro the best Corporate Airport in the country. In the past few years we have lacked the capability and an effective means of communicating our agenda and ideas to you our members. To solve this problem, we have retained Mr. Bill Mack to be the Managing Director for TUG effective immediately. Bill, who was TUGs first president is very experienced in this area and is well suited for the challenges ahead. He understands our objectives and will be responsible for organizing our meetings, help in formulating our agenda and set priorities and communicate with our members for important feedback. I, together with Skip Keeler (Hertz Corporation) and Joseph Ritorto (First Aviation) will continue to lead the group and interact with all of the agencies and management structures that oversee our Airport. Please join me in welcoming Bill back to TUG.

Thanks for your participation and continuing support!