TUG Time

January 2003 Newsletter and Information Update
Next TUG Meeting:

10AM Wednesday, January 15th at the PANYNJ Conference Room, 90 Moonachie Avenue


10AM: President Peter Bellini will outline major goals for TUG during the next 5 year period. The list of major goals has been prioritized and will become a time line for accomplishment. A question and answer period will follow. If you have a particular project and a priority for accomplishment, we need your input and suggestions.

Image result for teterboro users group11AM Open discussion of implementation of the NBAA/TSA security protocol. The goal will be to determine the protocol standards and how the many facets can/will be accomplished. The protocol outlines the requirements and suggests means of compliance. Hopefully, we will be able to discuss acceptable objectives and means of implementation. Airport Operations, FBOs, Flight Crew, aircraft and passengers are all in the mix and their particular dialogue is essential to finalizing a plan acceptable to all. Ideally, we should have the ability to fly anywhere, anytime when the national security level permits flight operations.

These are the only agenda items and we will strive to have the meeting adjourned by noon.

Safety: We have been informed that the FAA has received a notice that a new broadcast antenna has been proposed. The antenna will be located in the Rutherford area which is south west of the Teterboro airport. The antenna WILL affect IFR traffic in the Teterboro Airspace. The total impact on operations has not yet been determined. NBAA has sent a letter of objection to the Eastern Region. TUG has also forwarded their objections and impact on air traffic safety.

Runway Incursions: As everyone has been informed, Teterboro is on the Top Ten hit list for runway incursions. Ironically, the day after Bill DeGraffs (FAA Eastern Region Safety Coordinator) visit we had an incursion the next day. This is a very serious situation, we are fortunate that an accident or incident did not occur. Skip Keeler showed a flyer for the——Airport which indicated the hot spots on an airport diagram. The latest Teterboro Airport diagram has been amended to indicate the Teterboro hot spots. With the construction on going it will be extremely important that everyone keep their guard up and exercise diligence in all ground operations. Lets get Teterboro OFF the hit list!!

Teterboro R-Nav Approach: The R-Nav approach has at long last been published. It took a strong effort by a lot of our members to achieve publication. Special Thank You! To Joe Ritorto, Mark Leomporra and TUG members for their participation, assistance and expertise. The lead organization was the Mitre Corporation and Tyler Smith and his team persevered through the whole process. Thanks, Tyler and Crew. We also have to mention the FAA Regional Managers, TRACON personnel, particularly Carmine Gallo and Patti Moss. This was indeed a combined major effort and we will all benefit from the efforts put forth.

Image result for teterboro users group

Input/Comments Required: The team that got this procedure published now needs our help. Mitre Corporation, NYTRACON, TEB ACTC would like operational comments or recommendations for the R-Nav approach. ANY comments you have will be appreciated.

Attached is a list of acronyms and definitions that everyone should be familiar with. Most of them you are already familiar with, some are unique to the R-Nav procedures.

Put this meeting on your calendar NOW. Plan to attend or send an alternate to attend. It will be an informative and interesting meeting. Input and comments from your organization will be essential for success.

Thanks for your participation and continuing support!

President Peter Bellini
TUG Vice Pres Skip Keeler
TUG Senior Advisor Joseph Ritorto
Managing Director Bill Mack