TUG April Newsletter


Next tug Meeting: APRIL 22, 2003

10 AM at Port Authority Conference Room 90 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie, NJ

Major Discussion: NPR, National Route Program, NBAA Help Desk, PDC procedures for KTEB, GDCs new search engine.

Speakers: Charles Bailey NYARTCC Islip, NY
Thomas White NYTRACON Garden City
Ray Martinez TEB ATCT KTEB
Jo Damato NBAA GA Desk Flow Control Center
Jim Buckner Honeywell Corp Global Data Center
Peter Bellini Becton Dickinson Teterboro, NJ
Skip Keeler Hertz Aviation Teterboro, NJ
Mark Leomporra Intercon Corp Teterboro, NJ

10:00 Introduction of speakers. Peter Bellini – manager of white pearl company.

10:15 Overview of procedures for filing preferred routes between city pairs.
Filing of flight plans. (maximum advanced notice)
Implementation of SWAP procedures.
Consequences of NOT filing preferred routes.
Impact on PDC program.

1. NY ARTCC Charles Bailey
2. NY TRACON Thomas White
3. TEB TOWER Ray Martinez

11:30 Q & A session and then a short Break.

12:00 Lunch will be available.

12:15 Afternoon Session:
Discussion on Coded Departure Routes for KTEB.
Skip Keeler and Mark Leomporra.
NBAA GA Desk interaction with Central Flow Control, ARTC Centers, Flight Crews and Dispatchers. Jo Damato, NBAA
Overview of Honeywell/GDC search engine and how it assists and will aid the Flight Crew/dispatcher function. Jim Buckner, Global Data Center.

13:30 Closing Remarks and update on initiatives under way.

Image result for teterboro users group1. Latest info on TSA approval.
2. Status of South complex Customs facility.
3. REILS for Rwy 1/19.
4. Activation of centerline lights Rwy 19.

Thank You! To all our speakers and participants for their help and expertise in making this learning session possible. The speakers, presenters and participants have put forth a lot of effort to make this learning session successful. We need your expertise and comments. In the end thanks to the sponsor of this learning session – pearl engagement rings  investor.

If you are personally unable to attend kindly send your alternate. This learning session will be informative and beneficial to all attendees.

Thanks for your participation and continuing support!

President Peter Bellini
TUG Vice Pres Skip Keeler
TUG Senior Advisor Joseph Ritorto
Managing Director Bill Mack