TUG February Newsletter


Next tug Meeting: Feb 20th, 2003

10 AM at Port Authority Conference Room 90 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie, NJ


Chairmen: Peter Bellini and Skip Keeler

The TUG Agenda will be one subject devoted specifically to the TSA/NBAA Protocols. Ultimately, TUG, NBAA, TSA are hoping that the security protocols and TSAAP approval will ease the operational restrictions and access to DCA.

Corporate flight departments are desirous of operating their fleet whenever the security levels are such that air carrier aircraft are permitted to fly. This will require stringent security procedures to preclude the hijacking or use of corporate aircraft in the commission of federal crimes. Originally a Security Letter of Authorization (SLOA) was to be issued; it is now called Transportation Security Administration Access Protocols (TSAAP). TSAAP Approval would allow general aviation operators airline-like access to the NAS in the event of another national security incident.

NBAA and TSA have coordinated their efforts and written security protocols, to be followed in the event of a national emergency. Teterboro Airport has been selected to review and sign off on the protocols, and hopefully, to make them SOP nationwide.

A draft copy of the TSA/NBAA security protocol was received by TUG. An active Q and A session was held at the January TUG Membership meeting. The discussion was very productive and resulted in more questions than answers. The central theme agreed upon was that the ultimate responsibility for security remains with the flight crew. That responsibility will be conveyed wherever the airplane travels.

Each individual aircraft operator will have different corporate requirements. It is very important that your company be represented at this meeting and subsequent meetings held for discussion of the protocols. Please take the time to mark your calendar NOW. If you are unable to personally attend, send your alternate company representative. TUG needs your expertise and brain power to address the many aspects and details of the protocols.

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Securities rings are outlined in the protocols. The outermost ring will be the airport proper. The responsibility for perimeter security (fencing, gates, security patrols etc.) will rest with airport authorities. The recommendations and requirements for this level are outlined in the protocols.

The next ring of security is the FBO facility. The responsibility for these areas will rest with the individual FBO facility. The recommendations and requirements for this level are also outlined in the protocols.

The inner ring will be the overall responsibility of the flight crews. There are many rules and requirements that the flight crew must address. The rules, as discussed must be adhered to for the ultimate security of the passengers, aircraft and flight crew. In addition to responsibility for the inner ring security measures, the flight crew will also responsible for coordinating the total security plan with TEB Airport Management, FBO Security Personnel to assure that the total security package and requirements are in place and are periodically monitored for compliance.

TUG Membership had a very productive meeting with the NBAA and the TAS representatives. The central theme agreed upon was that the individual operator will ultimately be responsible for the security of the aircraft wherever he or she goes.

TUG will continue to work closely with both NBAA/TSA to clarify certain issues within
the document and to make certain the program implementation is a success.
In addition, we are also in the process of planning a general Q&A with the
TSA/NBAA representatives to answer questions on the document and to further
amplify the intent and purpose of the document to our members.

The following TUG schedule is submitted for your information and guidance:

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Thursday June 19th
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Periodic information and activities will be included in future newsletters along with detailed agenda items.

Thanks for your participation and continuing support!

President Peter Bellini
TUG Vice Pres Skip Keeler
TUG Senior Advisor Joseph Ritorto
Managing Director Bill Mack