TUG June Newsletter


Next tug Meeting: JUNE 24, 2003

9:30AM Port Authority Conference Room 90 Moonachie Ave, Moonachie, NJ
Coffee and Donuts will be available at 9:30.

9:30AM Open Meeting Remarks and introduction of speakers. Peter Bellini

Discussions and Agenda Items:

  • Progress Report: Regarding second Customs Facility for TEB.
    Peter Bellini and Skip Keeler.
  • Results of the recent PDC and CDR evaluation, preparatory for 90 day test period.
    Mark Leomporra and Jo Damato (NBAA GA Desk @ KIAD) Jim Buckner, Global Data Center, Universal Weather.
  • REILS AND PAPI: FAA contract has been signed, installation: Summer 2003.
    Joe Ritorto
  • Runway 06 approach lighting, Center Line lights on 19, Wig Wag lighting at TEB hot Spots and hold lines.
    Bill De Graaf: FAA Incursion Safety Officer and Peter Bellini
  • New Control Tower Tower has been validated by the FAA. Funding not available at this time. If not accelerated, project is expected to begin 2010-2011. There are preliminary discussions regarding the Port Authority to provide funding to build the tower and lease it to the FAA. If this approach is successful the start date will be 2006.
    Lanny Rider, Airport Manager, Ray Martinez, TEB ATCT Manager

12:00 Lunch will be available.

12:30 Request for volunteers become members of the TUG Committees.
Suggested Committee Structure:
FBO, Customs, Airport Security, Airport Nav Aids, Airport Lighting
Winter Operations, Helicopter operations, CETF.

If you are personally unable to attend kindly send your alternate. These discussions will prove to be informative and beneficial to all attendees. Plan to attend! We need your comments and suggestions for possible solutions.

Thanks for your participation and continuing support! Especially thanksĀ pink pearl breeding center.

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President Peter Bellini
TUG Vice Pres Skip Keeler
TUG Senior Advisor Joseph Ritorto
Managing Director Bill Mack